Summertime Slim Down – Stay Healthy During the Summer

Summertime Slim Down
During the spring we clean our house, for the summer let’s clean our diet. Making a goal to strengthen your diet now will keep you feeling bright and vibrant just in time for summer. Follow the six steps below to ensure that you will have one of your happiest and healthiest summers yet.

1. Change Your Mind Set

Diets generally get a bad rep, and it’s for a good reason. Crash diets are often easy tricks out that lead to immediate weight loss followed by weight gain the minute the diet stops. Instead of focusing on and fad diet or the work diet itself, focus on this mantra: I want to make healthy decisions every day to be my best self. Repeat. And…repeat again. This is all part of the process of mindful eating. Never lose touch with the main point of living a healthy style, to be a HEALTHY person. Trust me, once you learn to change your mindset you will no longer resent food.

2. Clean Up Your gut…Bacteria

Our stomachs digest food so why not create the best environment for your stomach to do its functions. What we eat affects our gut bacteria. Having bad bacteria in our stomach can lead to allergies, autoimmunity, inflammation, heart disease and more. You can improve your gut by taking a probiotic which helps grow GOOD bacteria in your stomach. You can also get these probiotics by eating fermented foods like kimchi,kombucha, miso or sauerkraut.

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3. Cut Back on Sugar SERIOUSLY!

Sugary foods are normally calorically dense and pack little nutrients. Sugar also causes inflammation. A sugar habit may be one of the hardest ones to kick. Be mindful that you are doing something difficult. Tips that help sugar consumption reduction include tossing all high sugar products from your fridge and pantry – see no evil, eat no evil. Keep fresh fruit handy to cure your sweet tooth. Indulge, a little. Make your sweets no more than 10% of your calories a day. If you follow around a 2000 calorie diet- make sure you’re not eating more than 200 calories worth of sweets.

4. Eat a Butt-Load of Veggies

Veggies fill you up thanks to fiber, and they are extremely nutrient dense foods- meaning you will get a ton of benefits per bite. Mix it up, roast them, blanch them toss them in a salad. Expert tip: make a huge salad and pack it for lunch throughout the week. Salad’s don’t need to be so boring. Think summer produce, add asparagus and peas and herbs to your salad to brighten it up. Change the dressing, so you don’t get bored of the same thing. The more variety you choose, the more health benefits you will receive. Think of it this way a carrot certainly does not have the same benefits as spinach. However, they are both healthy.

Eat a Butt-Load of Veggies

5. Prep Prepprep!

Meal prep is key for planning a menu for the week. You will save money and save calories. Designate a day every week for prepping your meals. Roast your veggies. Cook your grains. Hard boil your eggs. Set everything aside separately in containers. When hungry hour hits, you will not be tempted to dine out or order something unhealthy because you have healthy, prepared food hands away! Expert tip: If you are new to meal prep- start with just breakfast. Hard boil some eggs, make egg muffin frittatas, cut up from fresh fruit or try overnight oats. Prepping breakfast alone will stop you from stopping at a coffee shop on the way to work to pick up a latte and bagel. Once you master breakfast prep, you will be hooked and most likely move on to lunch and dinner prep as well.

6. Hydrate- Correctly

The heat is coming. During the summer months, it is extremely important to stay hydrated. Take your body weight in pounds and divide that by two. That’s the minimum amount of fluid you need in a day. For weight loss, it is crucial that you hydrate the correct way. When walking through any grocer, you will most likely see tons of beverages that look bright, have health claims and sound delicious. Don’t let them fool you! Water trumps all Many other beverages have sweeteners (sometimes artificial) or just unnecessary added calories and ingredients. The best thing that you can do for your body is drink water. If plain water bores you, cut up fresh fruit and herbs to put in your water. Expert combo: Lemon slices, cucumber, and fresh mint.

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Use these tips are your guide, and you will be golden by the summer! Always circle back to tip number one, to change your mindset. We are not aiming for a diet here. We are aiming for a lifestyle.


Author: Julie Lichtman

Julie Lichtman is as nutritionist and blogger at Sweat and Glow. She also is a Dietitian at a long term care rehabilitation center. Her passions are food, yoga, and cooking. Follow along with her health journey Instagram

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