How To Strengthen Your Back For Running?

Strengthen Your Back For Running

Preparing yourself for running in the morning is as important as running itself. Of course, if you don’t want to encounter the pain in the lower back.

But before you actually begin to train, find comfortable shoes for crossfit. Next thing is warming up.

During the warming up its extremely necessary to stretch as much as you can, and then begin running.

So, here we go with the exercises. Let’s do it together! Come on:

1. Arching The Back

Arching The Back

  • For doing this exercise, you’ll need to put your knees right parallel and in front of your palms.
  • The back should be straight.
  • The last part is to arch your back, dropping the chin in and out. Look into the sky and drop your belly.
  • It is recommended to do this exercise for 15-20 times.

2. Child’s Pose

Childs Pose

  • Drop your head forward.
  • Crawl with your fingertips further and further, and further forward.
  • Stretch all the muscles to the side.
  • Stretch the hands to the sides and take a deep breath in.
  • Drop your elbows to the floor and then again breathe in and out.

3. Lying Knee Hub

Lying Knee Hub

  • Go down to your back.
  • Pull your knee into your chest stretching the legs, keeping your lower back on the floor.

4. Bird Dog

Bird Dog Pose

  • Go opposite arm and leg holding your heel out and thumb up.
  • Complete a straight line with your arm and leg and put it down.
  • Repeat the same with this part of your body.
  • It’s recommended not to drop your belly, but to keep it straight.

5. Plank With Leg Raise

Plank With Leg Raise

  • Go to plank position.
  • Lift one heel up a few inches and then return it back down.
  • Keep your body straight.

6. Kneeling Psoas Stretch

Kneeling Psoas Stretch

  • Put one foot up.
  • Stretch the psoas.
  • Keep your lower back 90 degrees to the floor. It must be straight, in other words.
  • Keep your knee on the floor and then switch the legs.

At the end, we would like to tell you that it’s better to do these exercises each time before your running session. Don’t worry if there might be difficulties with doing these things.

Keep on doing the exercises, and then you’ll face a serious breakthrough in your workout. Also, never forget to smile during the warming up because it really helps sometimes.

Hope that this information was useful for you!

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