Keep Stress At Bay With 6 Ways- Busting Stress This Holiday Season

6 Ultimate Ways To Reduce Stress

It’s holiday season and time to reflect and unwind. However, the holiday can be a busy period and could leave us burnt out. There is the shopping and the crowds. There are parties that could lead to exhaustion.

You could also have to deal with long-time friends and family members. Although the holidays can be a wonderful period, it is important to find ways to minimize stress.

While some would want to make a list and double check so that they are organized, others know why they shouldn’t be sucked into all that Christmas chaos. Of course, we want to be in control of our minds, bodies and our environment.

You can enjoy the holiday season and reduce stress this holiday season:

1. Stay Away From Technology

You don’t need the mounting stress levels and the constant distractions from cell phone buzzes and email alerts. The holiday is an ideal time to disconnect from work and to spend time with your family friends without worry. Ideally using this time to build personal and real relationships could help us find balance during the holiday.

Despite the commercialism and marketing, we have to deal with during this holiday, we can embrace our spirituality. Taking the time to connect with things greater than ourselves will help us see the bigger picture and be calmer.

1.Stay Away From Technology

Rather than be overwhelmed with virtual interactions we can spend the time to meditate, volunteer at a homeless shelter or give gifts to those who have less. The holiday should be a time for positive reflection and gratitude. Staying away from technology could help you access your inner being and find meaning during the holiday season.

2. Stop Trying To Be Perfect

Some of us are obsessed with perfection that we are overly concerned about those details. The world is not going to end or fall off if you miss that tiny detail.

The holiday should be a time you focus on enjoying your relationships and making the most of them. Laugh, don’t take yourself too seriously. You would be doing yourself a whole lot of good when you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Yes, you don’t have to be perfect or be exactly like last year. You may just have to give room for change and growth. Be realistic. Old rituals and traditions can give way to new ones. The most important thing is having fun and finding new ways to celebrate with friends and family.

3. Do Those Things You Do Daily

3.Do Those Things You Do Daily

It is hard to stick to your daily routine during the holidays. However, you should try hard not to squeeze more than you can handle into your holiday schedule.

Rather than take in more activities into your holiday schedule prioritize those activities you always do. Yes prioritize your workouts, your cooking classes or listening to that favorite song.

You may want to say yes to a lot of activities and requests, but such would only leave you resentful and overwhelmed. Saying no could be hard, but your friends and colleagues will understand if you can’t participate in every project and activity.

The holiday season should be a time you downsize and prioritize. Doing only those things you are used to doing would help reduce the stress this holiday season.

4. Have Sex Or Entertain A Romantic Relationship

If you are an adult, you should focus on making the most of your romantic relationships. At least if you are in one. A satisfying relationship and sex life could reduce stress[1] and raise your self-esteem according to experts.

4.Have Sex Or Entertain A Romantic Relationship

Of course, when your oxytocin level[2] is raised, you will be relaxed and have a sound sleep.

Orgasms increase endorphins which are natural painkillers and boosts your immunity. Having a satisfying romp with your partner will certainly slay stress and make you feel accomplished during the holiday season. So please do make some time out for your partner.

5. Eat Right

The holidays offer so many treats, and it can be tempting not to give up on healthy eating. Too much sugar, fat, and alcohol could get you sluggish, so think of fighting back by loading up on power foods whenever you can.

There is nothing wrong in satisfying your cravings this holiday. Yes, you may want those sweet cravings, however, you are bound to have a wave of calm over your body if you focus on eating right and healthy.

Fruits and meals with carbs would get you energized and prepared for the day certainly. Also, food supplements like shark cartilage Australia[3] could push you to stay energized and positive for the holidays.

You could make yourself a post-party smoothie that is antioxidant-packed with spinach, berries, honey, fresh lemon juice and a grated apple

Eat Right

6. Be Positive

The holidays should be a time to think positive and focus on the good life has to offer. Negative thinking has a way of triggering your body’s stress response. All that negative thinking could be harmful to your health.

Rather you should look at the positives of whatever situation you have to deal with. Ultimately an optimistic outlook will help you cope with challenges that come your way.

If you have to deal with a particular situation, learn that is normal to express or acknowledge your feelings. This way you would be dealing with the situation positively.

Of course, you may not be able to force yourself to be happy through the holiday season. If someone close to you is sick or has recently passed, you may have to grieve or cry. At the end of the day, you should look forward to the benefits of living with those who can celebrate the holidays with you.


The holiday season shouldn’t be a time we resort to bad habits or take actions that we may regret later. Its a time we should feel refreshed and do those things that will set us in motion for a wonderful New Year.

No need to cave in to sugar cravings, overdose on caffeine or go for the booze. It is time for you to lean on effective relaxation and self-love techniques that will help you make the most of the holiday season.

Cheers to a wonderful holiday!

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