6 Misconceptions About Having a Natural Birth

In recent years, natural childbirth has become a healthcare trend. More and more women are choosing to give birth without any anesthetic medications or surgeries. Though natural childbirth can be empowering for the mother, there are many misconceptions surrounding the topic. Here are some of the most common misconceptions surrounding natural childbirth. #1. Childbirth is Instinctive It is true that women have been giving birth since...

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The Mommy Makeover: Is It Right for You?

Becoming a mother is a remarkable experience. Few things compare to the joy of bringing a new life into the world. At the same time, many women find their post-pregnancy bodies leave something to be desired. Loose skin and sagging breasts can be disheartening, even for a happy new mom. Pounds gained and lost during pregnancy can change a woman’s abdomen in ways that cannot be corrected with diet and exercise. Nursing is...

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Start Strong: How to Mitigate Health Problems for Newborns

Pregnancy is a time when mothers need to take every step they can to ensure that their pregnancy and their baby are as healthy as possible. Many of the conditions and diseases that put newborns are risk upon birth can be avoided with help from their mother. Below are a few ways that you can ensure your newborn has the strongest start with the fewest problems. 1. Stop Smoking and Drinking Smoking and drinking are two of the most...

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Five Fun Mommy and Me Classes to Try with Your Little One

If you are a new mom who wants to stay active, you might consider looking into “mommy and me” style classes that allow you and your little one to bond and keep moving. Depending on where you live, there are likely community centers that offer fun classes for the active mother and adventurous baby. In other cases, you might need to start your own class within your neighborhood or among friends. Either way, there are a few...

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What to Do If You Have Been Diagnosed As a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Despite the multitudes of discomforts that are included in the pregnancy package, there is something about carrying another person’s life that is beautiful beyond words. Unfortunately, the fear brought on by high blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, and a host of potential complications can dampen the mood of any expectant mother. A high risk pregnancy can cause fear and frustration but thankfully the diagnosis of a high...

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