How to Achieve Hormonal Balance Naturally?

Feeling weary? Gaining weight despite being on a diet? Does PMS strike you harder than most women? It’s not you, it’s your hormones, and there are simple ways to sort them out. Just imagine a life with less stress and see if it is worth the lifestyle change. As most things, balancing out hormones is through workouts, diet, and sleep. Women’s bodies produce testosterone, just as men’s do. Truth be told, there is...

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Is There any Fixed Age for Occurrence of Menopause?

Overview This is a common question most people often ask, especially those thinking about family planning at an early age. It can be difficult at time to tell the exact number of fertility years you have, and how longer you will stay before you start noticing changes. Although menopause doesn’t occur at a particular age, there are several factors that determine when it will happen including age and genes. Although most women...

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Does Menopause Make You Fat? Know the Facts and Fiction

It is common for women to gain weight as they age, but the extra pounds can be prevented. According to Dr. Lori Warren, a gynecologist who also partners with Women first of Louisville, weight gain is one of the major complaints among her patients. If you don’t want to pack extra pounds as you reach menopause, increase your workouts and consume a healthy diet. Weight gain during menopause isn’t inevitable, changing your...

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Does Smoking Link With Increased Risk of Early Menopause?

Let’s face it; quitting cigarettes is a very tough order. A lot of will power is required as its addictive properties make people relapse every once in a while. However, if the smokers understood the actual impact that the social behavior they engage in has, there would be much more reason to quit smoking than is available now. Traditionally, a person who used to smoke looked like an outright rebel and a bad ass for that matter....

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Menopause Diet To Follow

Diet is very important when it comes menopausal and perimenopausal women’s health. According to research, what women eat during this stage of menopause can either exacerbate or quell menopausal symptoms. Some of the symptoms of menopause that affect women include hot flashes, sweating at night and weigh gain among others. The key thing to eating during this stage is to improve the general body health as well as keeping menopausal...

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Top 10 Super Foods to Deal with Menopause Symptoms

Menopause marks the end of reproductive period which occurs in every woman. The natural change can’t be termed as a disorder although it usually comes with a number of problems. Due to decreased levels of estrogen during menopause, a woman may experience symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, insomnia, anxiety, depression, dry skin, thinning hair, decreased interest in sex and changes in moods among others....

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