Men’s Top 5 Health Concerns – What to Watch Out For?

If you are a guy you probably take better care of your car than yourself. That puts you at great health risk, so you should really think about going to the doctors more often and not only when you are sick and are forced to visit your physician. Women are healthier than men according to statistics, out of top fifteen causes of death, men lead women in all except one – Alzheimer’s disease which might be because they...

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Are You a Man Fatigued after 50?

Men over the age of 50 are often troubled by a number of symptoms that sap their energy and make them feel less productive than their younger selves. These symptoms can reduce quality of life and make men feel older than their years. Lifestyle changes and hormonal therapy can help to restore energy and enjoyment of life for many men over 50. Reversing the Signs of Premature Aging The effects of aging, sedentary lifestyles, poor diet...

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Walnuts May Boost Semen Quality

One of the biggest fears that men have when they get into a serious relationship is whether or not they can be able to procreate and have their own offspring. For most men, the plan goes well and procreation may seem is a walk in the park. In a few, this is a mountainous task, noting that the visit from a gynae by the Mrs. may reveal that it all has to do with the quality of seed that they are receiving. These men could do anything to...

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Red Wine for Your Sex Drive

Whereas a little wine can boost your sex drive, excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to impotence in most men. If you must drink, do it in moderation. Physicians have shown that a glass of red wine can offer adequate oxidants to fight free radicals and improve sexual desires and performance. Although it is usually not talked about, wine can be considered as a social lubricant which get couples hanging out and give confidence in...

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Does Smoking Affect Men’s Sexual Health?

Smoking has the potential to negatively affect men’s sexual health. Ability to quit smoking is a great accomplishment considering how the habit becomes intertwined with intimacy of a relationship. Recently, researchers from the University of Arizona conducted a study among couple in which one member smoked. The researchers realized that cigarettes turned out to be an abusive third member of their relationship. According to...

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