Raise Low Blood Pressure With These 8 Natural Ways

Natural Ways To Increase Low Blood Pressure

What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is defined as a force that pushes blood against blood vessels. If you are one of those people who have to constantly monitor blood pressure, you are familiar with its two components ‘systolic(normal value 120 mmHg), and diastolic (normal value 80 mmHg).

Now, let’s break it down ‘ the first, systolic element, is the highest level of blood pressure when the heart beats; the diastolic component represents the value blood pressure reaches when the heart is at rest.

The main reason why people seek professional help when it comes to blood pressure is hypertension (when the value is higher than 120 over 80). BUT, what happens when hypotension occurs? Although it usually isn’t life-threatening, this condition can be quite a nuisance.

Is Low Blood Pressure Dangerous?

First, let’s clear up how low blood pressure usually manifests. If you’re experiencing a regular basis symptoms such as lightheadedness, dizziness, tinnitus, headache, especially when you are getting up from bed, it is possible that you have hypotension.

In fact, if the value of your blood pressure is normally lower than 90 over 60, you should definitely seek professional help.

Low Blood Pressure Dangerous

The question is’ can hypotension actually cause severe damage to health? The answer is YES! for if prolonged, hypotension can cause the following, potentially fatal, conditions:

The reason this happens is that not enough blood can reach the person’s organs. If your hypotension causes you significant problems, prevents you from functioning normally, or threatens your overall health, your doctor will probably prescribe certain medications or suggest significant lifestyle changes.

On the other hand, if your hypotension doesn’t trigger any symptoms, your doctor will probably just monitor your blood pressure. You can also do so yourself, using a certified blood pressure monitor and assess your values using a blood pressure calculator[1].

Are There Any “Natural” Ways For Raising The Blood Pressure?

Drink a lot of Water
If, at this point, you’re thinking “I wish there’s something I can do to keep my blood pressure under control!” ‘ you’re in luck, for the following are just a handful of steps suggested by medical professionals which anyone can do to stay in control of their blood pressure:

  • Eat food richer in salt[2]. This strategy is very likely to work, but it should only be done if recommended by a doctor!
  • Drink a lot of water. Sometimes, the cause for hypotension is dehydration. Therefore, don’t forget to hydrate! You can also consume drinks that are high in electrolytes.
  • Say no to alcohol, for it actually lowers the blood pressure even more.
  • Eat small meals more frequently ‘ good advice for any condition.Eating small portions of food may prevent a major drop in your blood pressure value which not-so-rarely happens after eating a large meal.
  • Cross your legs while sitting[3]. This strategy requires no effort at all, but it can help in raising the blood pressure.
  • Slowly get out of bed.
  • Give compression stockings a shot. Stockings can be quite convenient when it comes to reducing the amount of blood that gets caught in your legs.
  • Say goodbye to garlic because this food is famous for its property to lower the blood pressure.

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Hypotension is a condition when blood pressure value is lower than 90 over 60. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your faith is sealed ‘ a person can be completely healthy and live with hypotension.

However, if you experience dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting, you should definitely consult your doctor. If prolonged, this condition may cause stroke, shock, heart or kidney failure. On a related note, if you notice chest pain, heart racing, or shortness of breath, immediately call 911.

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