Life Coaching, Mentoring Or Support Group. Is It Really Worth It?

It is my belief that in order to arrive at your preferred destination quickly so you can enjoy the benefits longer, you should engage the services of a business or life coach to guide you through the options that are available to you.

This way, you can make a calculated decision on what your true passion is and the strategies to get there. The last thing you want to do is to climb to the top of the ladder, only to find that it is leaning against the wrong wall.

People do this all the time. They decide (when they reach the top of the ladder and realize that it is not for them) to stay where they are and be unhappy because their reasoning is that they have spent so much time trying to get there.

They rationalize that if they change directions now, all that time in the past was just a waste. But that is not so. You can only make decisions with the knowledge and information you have at the time in that particular moment.

And at that time it was the right choice’unless, of course, you seek out the person who might have more knowledge and information than you and utilize their assistance in your decision making. Preferably one that already is in the position you are aspiring to be.

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These people I am referring to are what we call mentors. Someone that has already made all the mistakes for you can help you avoid the pitfalls and suggest the smoothest road for you. But be aware; this should be a person that has successfully accomplished your particular goals.

It is with good intentions when your family and friends come to you and offer their opinions and advice, and you should listen and thank them kindly for their help. But unless they have successfully achieved your desired goals and you wish to have the same life experiences as them, just take it for what it is, friendly information and conversation, and then let it go.

Another way to turbo charge your destination is to have a mastermind group. This is a group that will make you accountable for your intended actions and makes sure you carry them out to completion.

A mastermind group will support your goals and assist you wherever and whenever they can.

This group can consist of four people or more, but no larger than eight, as it will not give everyone equal opportunity to have a say in the group. It is really important that everyone has value to contribute, as well as receiving it from each member of the group.

One of the biggest benefits is that you become accountable for your actions. It entices you to do what you say you will do so that you will keep moving forward and closer to your goals.

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After I discovered this strategy, it took me nearly five years to find the right people, and now I have been involved with a mastermind group for nearly five years. It has helped me immensely in every way, even to the point of getting referrals and access to people that I would not normally have been able to.

Just to be able to hear other people’s ideas on the next step to take is an incredible opportunity. Then ideas are created from ideas, and the next thing you know, you have something to approach your goal with to take it to the next level.

Receiving feedback from your fellow members is also a vital information tool. They provide you with alternatives and share their honest opinions on what they consider to be the best ideas for you. It will give you something to think about on whether you should seriously consider other options.

This is a great benefit to you, your dreams, and your life if you know that there are other people out there hoping you will achieve your dreams.

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