Eat Your Way to Better Bone and Joint Health

Aches and pains are, for most people, an inevitable part of growing older. Wear and tear over the decades catches up with us – perhaps a sprained ankle in childhood, or knees that are never quite the same after a skiing accident. Bone density decreases with age and joints deteriorate. Indeed, over 50 million people in the US have had some form of arthritis diagnosed by a doctor. This equates to more than 20 per cent of the adult...

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Healing for Life: Better Exercises for Less Joint Pain

Experts estimate that about 50 million adults have been diagnosed with arthritis today (1). The risk of being included in the 1 in 5 adults that suffer from this debilitating condition increases as we age, as does the need to keep moving. The most beneficial measure you can take to ease arthritis pain is to stay active. Not an easy task when joints are already inflamed. The key to keeping fit is to choose low impact exercises that...

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Why Your Lower Back is Aching?

Lower back pain is a common issue that most of us will experience at some point. It can be caused by a variety of problems and circumstances and can become chronic pain over time. Low back pain can be very frustrating to deal with, but fortunately, there are several things that can treat it. Below is a list of some of the common causes of back pain and what can be done to get relief from back pain. 1. Lumbar Strain A lumbar strain is...

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4 Tips to Better Protect Your Knees While Running

Almost every runner has heard someone say, “You shouldn’t run! You’ll ruin your knees!” at some point. While runners do have a fairly high rate of knee injuries, it isn’t necessarily because of the sport. It has much more to do with runners not taking precautions to protect these very important joints. If you’re a runner, keep some of these things in mind next time you lace up. 1. Strengthen Your...

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4 Natural Ways to Relieve Persistent Back Pain

Relying on strong painkillers to manage your back pain can put an incredible amount of strain on your kidneys and other organs. On the other hand, ongoing discomfort will reduce your quality of life and limit your physical activities. For those who are struggling with chronic back pain, here is a look at four natural remedies that could provide relief within days. 1. Strengthen Your Core Even healthy patients can struggle with back...

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How to Handle Injuries the Day after an Accident?

A car accident can leave you with a number of serious injuries like broken ribs, whiplash, and torn muscles. Even if it’s not a very serious crash, your body can sustain quite a bit of wear and tear just from being thrown forward. You need to do something to reduce the pain and make recovering easier the day after so things can return to normal. Here are some ways to handle injuries the day after a car accident. 1. Relaxation and...

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