Know 12 Splendid Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Sure, lying in a tranquil room in a relaxed atmosphere on a massage table with the lights dimmed, candles lit in the background and the essence of lavender piercing through the warm air sounds like the perfect way to end the day on a good note. However, the purpose of messages is not just for relaxation. It carries many medicinal benefits too. The practice of using touch as a healing method derives from customs and techniques rooted...

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Five Nutrient Packed Herbs You Should Be Using Today

Have you had it with Kale? Are you fed up (literally) with flax? Can you stomach even one more super detox beet and turmeric smoothie? Neither can I. Super foods Need to Take a Super Break. I’m not suggesting we ditch avocado toast and go back to deli meat on Wonder Bread, but let’s face it, trying to pack every on trend food into one day’s worth of eating is not only time consuming, it’s costing us a small...

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The Technology Talk – The Role of Technology in Your Relationship

Technology, for better or for worse, has become a part of everyday life. No surprise there. What is surprising, however, is that some people desire the use of their phone over sex, which is what a survey of more than 1,000 people found. That’s right, 15% of respondents said they would rather give up sex than go without their iPhone for a weekend. Needless to say, sexual connection faces a tough competition against our hand-held...

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How Essential Oils Help Boost the Immune System?

The use of essential oils is a time-honored method used for centuries to bring healing to both mind and body. They have powerful anti-viral, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and expectorant properties that help fight viruses that cause illness, and promote healing by helping to build and support the immune system. Essential oils are made by extracting the natural essences from the plants by distillation with steam and water or...

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Know the Facts: Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month—do you know fact from fiction when it comes to this disease? Here at Tommy John, we’ve partnered up with the Testicular Cancer Foundation (TCF) to help spread awareness about testicular cancer, and squash some misconceptions in the process. Man Up, Check Em’ Did you know that testicular cancer is one of the most treatable forms of cancer there is? In fact, when detected early,...

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Yoga Twice a Week Helps Keep Depression at Bay

Yoga has certainly come far in the Western world in the last few decades, owing in no small part to the plethora of scientific studies proving its effectiveness at ameliorating the symptoms of a host of conditions, including anxiety, chronic lower back pain, migraines, and depression. A recent study by researchers at the Boston University Medical Center has found that those who suffer from depression can enjoy a significant reduction...

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