How do you Calm Yourself during an Anxiety Attack?

If you’ve ever experienced an anxiety or panic attack, you’ll know that they can be terrifying experiences. And, what makes them so terrifying is that there’s no hard and fast way to stop them from coming. However, and luckily – there are ways to manage and control these attacks when they happen. While I can’t tell you how to stop attacks in their tracks (well, actually I can tell you how I learned to do...

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Change Your Mood Instantly With These 10 Tips

We all experience bad moods. Whether you have them often, or it’s a more occasional thing, bad moods can be seemingly impossible to get out of. So here’s the good news – there are ways to instantly, easily change your mood – and here are the 10 ways to do it. 1. YouTube ‘Cats’/’Kittens’ Yes, really. You don’t even need to be around animals to feel the de-stressing benefits...

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5 Warning Signs That Your Teen Might Have An Eating Disorder

It’s not always easy to understand what your son or daughter is going through, and deciphering their behaviors can distress even the most empathetic parents. Active hormones, busy schedules and a desire for independence may make teenagers appear distant and moody. Adolescents also push their boundaries in an effort to discover themselves. During this time, detecting problems like eating disorders may be difficult to do, but...

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6 Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress at Home

Stress happens to all of us at some point. Whether it is due to long hours at work or family issues, stress can really make our lives more difficult. If you let your anxiety get out of control, it can affect both your physical and mental well-being. Before your stress starts to affect your health, find ways to control it. Here are 6 healthy ways to relieve stress at home. 1. Meditate in the Morning Meditation is one of the most...

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Home Remedies For Depression

Depression often gives feelings of hopelessness and desperation. However, it is your responsibility to convince yourself otherwise. Other than the use of antidepressants and therapy, much more is at your disposal to deal with depression. You need to make lifestyle changes, change your thinking and behavior to overcome the sad mood. You may even realize that those moods should not have been distractions at all in the first place. Here...

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What Is The Difference Between Stress And Depression?

Most people find it hard to distinguish stress from depression because they both exhibit near the same kind of symptoms. Stress is a common problem among students with 85% claiming that they get stressed on a daily basis, according to the Association Press. Stress can be ideal if triggers hard work but it can be bad if it robs your energy. Physical, emotional, and mental factors contribute to stress as there are changes which take...

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