Build Self-Esteem and See Where it Takes You

Build Self-Esteem
It feels like we are constantly chasing notions of self and success that don’t match up with who we are or what we want out of life. We become tired, depleted, and rundown. Eventually, these behaviors lead to dissatisfaction and emptiness.

Neither of which help sustain self-worth or happiness. Both set us up for comparisons and harsh critiques. And often times the cruelest feedback comes from our very own minds ‘ the place where we should go to feel safe is often the place that’s laden with judgement.

Our minds and hearts should be working together to foster well-being and animate self-worth. But with so much social pressure and so little time spent on building self-esteem and compassion, it’s no wonder we feel disappointed by even the slightest mention of failure.

We are chasing success outside of ourselves when the true measure of success is finding the happiness dwells within.

In order to augment our sense of self, we must be willing to evaluating what we want out of life. When we have the ability pinpoint our purpose, then we can begin living.

Understanding self is the key to our fulfillment. So how do we get there? How do we find purpose and live according to our heart’s desire?

We must love ourselves. We must value our bodies, no matter what shape. We must value the work we do, even the smallest accomplishment deserves some praise. We must love our ideas, for the imagination is what stirs the soul. Engaging in self-love is a radical act. Some of us might be familiar with self-care and mindfulness practices ‘both are vital for boosting self-esteem.

Self Care

To foster self-love, we must start by changing our perception of ourselves. We are what we think. So start believing that you are here for a reason. Starting having faith in your ideas. And start realizing that loving yourself is tantamount to finding happiness.

In loving ourselves, we can love others. We don’t have to love self first, but it does help. If loving self-feels like an overwhelming concept, begin by facilitating dreams for others. We can start by encouraging others as a vehicle to augment feeling of worth.

By supporting others, we begin to notice how even the smallest act impacts lives. And even in the tiniest details, we can witness how we matter. And not just to ourselves, but to those around us.

Self-esteem building is a way to ready our mind and spirit, even our body, for whatever life has in store for us. These activities keep us curious and flexible in body and mind ‘the roots of staying young and vibrant.

When we take the chase out of life for things that don’t matter to us and focus on self, we find happiness. And our happiness can be the stepping stone and the source of light for someone else. Happiness and self-esteem start within. Here are a few suggested activities that will bolster self-esteem. Let each one guide you into knowing yourself better so you can love yourself more.

1. Meditation


A proven self-esteem building exercise, meditation is taking the world by storm. And with good reason. With only a few minutes a day, on a consistent basis, meditators have noted confidence and calmness of mind, body, and spirits as just two benefits. Not to mention meditation has the potential to reduce diseases and increase mental stamina. Start a practice today.

2. Learn a New Skill

The challenge of learning a new skill offers a few benefits. First, you break through the daily monotony. Second, you see what you’re made of. Third, you ensure body and brain agility and flexibility. All of these point to increased self-esteem.

3. Cook at Home

Doing things for yourself is a great self-esteem building exercise. Through a series of steps, you’re able to reap positive results in a very short time. Buying healthy ingredients, sampling recipes, and savoring every bite isn’t just heart healthy, it’s also self-confidence friendly.

4. Set Weekly or Monthly Challenges

Set Weekly or Monthly Challenges

Regardless if the challenge is large or small, give yourself something to aim for. It’s best to start small in order to avoid defeat or feelings of failure. Each time you accomplish something, you will see how powerful you really are. Incorporate physical as well as mental challenges to keep your mind-body balance in-check.

5. Yoga

Practitioners of yoga have cited numerous benefits. One advantage that stands out among the rest is self-esteem boosting potential. Yoga lets you relax into whatever body you have and genuinely appreciate, respect, and love it. That’s a self-esteem building exercise to embrace today.

6. Go for Something out of the Ordinary

Challenges are one thing, but trying something you might not ever thought possible or even interesting ‘that’s tapping into a whole new skill set. It’s pushing your mind and body in different directions. The mere act of doing something out of the box is a surefire way to build self-esteem in no time.

7. Mirror Reflections

It might not be easy to face yourself in the mirror all the time, but the sooner you engage in positive self-talk through the mirror, the sooner you will earn the benefits of this self-esteem building exercise.

It sounds simple, but many find this difficult. All you have to do is look in the mirror and think or say something positive about yourself. Sounds easier than it really is, but be sure to repeat daily for optimal results.

Mirror Reflections

8. Daily Mantras and Affirmations

Before you let your feet hit the floor, set an intention for the day. Some call an intention a mantra or affirmation ‘whatever you call it, make it uplifting. Having your first thought be a positive one will increase your vibration and align you with universal forces that are strong enough to get you through the toughest day. This self-esteem building exercise is a mental one, but well worth the effort.

9. Tea Time

Take a moment and sit with yourself over tea. This is also known as mindfulness. Have your tea in a quiet space, whether indoors or out in nature, and notice how good it feels to be still among a busy world. You’ll decrease stress and feel refreshed ‘both will give you confidence to tackle most anything.

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10. Help Others

Dedicating time and energy to others, aka volunteer work, gives people a renewed sense of self and purpose. In being selfless, you become a source of inspiration for those around you. In doing small acts of kindness you can effectively transform others. Knowing you have the potential to affect change is a magical way to build your self-esteem while making the world a better place.

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