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Scott Brand is a prominent digital marketer in the addiction recovery industry, where he works with Inspirations for Youth and Families teen treatment center as well as it adult counterpart the Cove Center for Recovery. Scott has also been a contributing columnist for Healthline, one of the fastest growing health information websites. He has authored hundreds of health related articles in over 80 publications including the peer reviewed International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience where his piece on Alcohol, Depression and Genetic Disposition: The Chicken, the Egg and the Gene Syndrome was critically acclaimed by leading industry professionals. You can follow him on Twitter @IYFTeenRehab

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Is Addiction a Disease, Behavioral Issue, or Both?

Is Addiction a Disease, Behavioral Issue, or Both?

The concept that addiction is a disease is one of those theories that have multiple interpretations depending on who you ask and what study you read or believe. For instance, if you are from the camp, who views addiction as a moral failing or in kinder and gentler terms a behavioral issue, there are no shortages of studies that refute this theory. Conversely, if you believe addiction is not a disease, there are also a number of...

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