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Fitness activist and model, Kevin Kreider designed Pursue by Kevin Kreider as a way to bring balance, positivity and focus into his life and the lives of his clients. As a child, Kevin recalls being bullied for his lanky figure, Asian heritage, and ticks caused by the onset of Tourette Syndrome at a young age. Now a full-time fitness instructor and model, Kevin has won several natural bodybuilding competitions, graduated with a degree in exercise science and created a successful personal training business. You can Find Kevin on his website and reach out to him personally!

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6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even You’re Busiest Days

6 Ways to Reset Your Work-Life Balance Even You’re Busiest Days

I hear it all the time! I’m too busy to workout right now. I’ll start when my schedule clears up. Or… I’ll have to lose a few pounds before I can feel good about myself before I can start to go to the gym. Both make me laugh because it’s so self-defeating and never have I ever had a client who came to me because they were feeling great about their bodies and health. I found that when I am the most...

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