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Iva Tarle — is a life coach with training in NLP, Theta Healing and Reiki, and Yogi for 15 years. She left her career in diplomacy to help people live more in tune with themselves by teaching mindful living habits. Click here to gain instant access to FREE Morning Routine Motivator with resources and tips on Iva’s website.

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Living The Purpose Of Your Life- 5 Reasons To Begin Right Away

Living The Purpose Of Your Life- 5 Reasons To Begin Right Away

1.Because Your Wellbeing Depends On It. Those who have a why to live, can bare almost any how, Viktor E Frankl. What does your passion have to do with your wellbeing? To answer in one word: everything. Even back in 1950, when Viktor Frankl created Logotherapy, he had hard evidence to prove that finding your passion was not only a matter of well-being but a matter of survival. Frankl was a psychotherapist that survived the...

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