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Claire works as a freelance Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor. Her degree in Physiology underpins her evidence-based training methods. Claire's holistic approach to health and fitness incorporates exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing. As well as being a keen runner, she holds the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt in 3 martial arts: Shotokan Karate; Taekwondo; and Okinawan Kobudo. Follow Claire on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest. Visit her website Claire - Personal Trainer.

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Make Sweat Your Best Accessory: Start Your Fitness Plan Now

Make Sweat Your Best Accessory: Start Your Fitness Plan Now

Often, the hardest part of getting fit is getting started. Even if you have the motivation, knowing what you need to do can be a sticking point. The internet has an overwhelming volume of information, filled with acronyms and terminology that often adds even more confusion into the mix, further preventing people from starting. 1. Find Your Spark The most important question to ask yourself is “What do I enjoy?” Walking? Dancing?...

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