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Adam Tan is a writer, fitness enthusiast and founder of Metabolic Authority. His passion for medicine and human biology inspires him to teach readers about healthy living and medically safe, weight loss strategies. You can follow him on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Crash Dieting:  Is It A Healthy Way To Loose Weight?

Crash Dieting: Is It A Healthy Way To Loose Weight?

At one point or another, we’ve all made a ludicrous decision to cut down on pounds, really fast. You know that feeling… that itching urge similar to a tenesmus while you’re stuck in traffic, it’s almost as if you’re guts depend on it. Well, maybe not to such extent. But you get the idea – date limite, as French people call it. Perhaps the wedding day is around the corner, the beach party’s getting nearer, or who knows… you’re...

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