How Does Men and Women’s Hair Loss Differ?

What makes men and women different? This question has been up for debate since the stone age. Well, biologically there are many genetic properti

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Explaining Consumer Drug Recalls

Not everyone has been affected by a major drug recall, but those who have can attest to the fear and uncertainty that often follows. A person takes a prescription or OTC medication to help alleviate symptoms or control a medical condition. When it is discovered that this me...

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Top 7 Health Benefits of the ‘New Healthy Fat’ Omega 7

There are numerous kinds of Omega fatty acids and you must be aware about majority of the lot. There is no question that it can get a bit confusing

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CBD – What You Need to Know and Why

One of the most promising compounds of the 21st Century, CBD has become all the rage. But what exactly is it, and how might it help you achieve your b

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Improve Bone Health By Knowing the Link Between HGH & Osteoporosis

If you are over 40 years of age, there has never been a more critical time than now to learn about HGH and osteoporosis. Human growth hormone plays

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Be Hydrated: How to maintain the body Temperature

When the weather’s so hot that you break into a sweat just from stepping outside, much less doing anything active, taking in enough fluids to st

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