5 Incredible Ways To Make Your Workout More Effective

Your sweat sessions at the gym are important. They keep you lean and help increase muscle mass. However, you've probably gone through plateau period

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Peel off the Pounds with Underwater Exercise

Anyone who's ever tried to lose weight can tell you how difficult it can be. If you have special concerns, such as joint problems or obesity, it can be harder still. After all, how can you exercise effectively if you have to avoid even low-impact activities, such as walking? A ...

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The first thing anybody who doesn't take fitness as seriously will tell you upon mention of protein shakes is that we get all our necessary protei

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13 Sure-Fire Tips for Anti-Aging (Fight Aging Effectively)

Google the phrase Anti-Aging Tips and you will get a never-ending list of websites that have nothing new in them. You have read it all, from drinkin

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10 Fall Beauty Foods To Eat For Healthy Skin and Hair

If the intense heat of summer took a toll on your skin and hair, have no fear. Autumn provides an abundant harvest of restorative nutrients to

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Debunk these 5 Misconceptions about Snoring

For a generation as blessed with knowledge as we are, the extent and nature of misinformation about sleep are rather surprising. It wasn't until ver

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