Things to Consider if You Get Injured in the Gym

If you were hurt during your workout, learn more about who might be liable for your injuries. Shutterstock Images Going to the gym is just one way

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The Secrets to Your Personal Growth Through Self Study

Knowing yourself is the first step to change your life. Image given by author Do you ever sit down and think about your life and where you are right now? Maybe you avoid thinking about it because it makes you feel lost? It’s so easy to settle for the lives we are living a...

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What is the Relation Between Diabetes and Cancer?

Detecting diabetes early and being aware of it; is vitally important - Images Scientists based in Sweden and Manchester have dis

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How To Save Your Skin from Winter?

It’s that time of the year again - the winter chill is settling in, the cozy jumpers are coming out, and our skin is screaming for relief against th

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How Does Men and Women’s Hair Loss Differ?

What makes men and women different? This question has been up for debate since the stone age. Well, biologically there are many genetic properti

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Explaining Consumer Drug Recalls

Not everyone has been affected by a major drug recall, but those who have can attest to the fear and uncertainty that often follows. A person takes

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